Monday, September 10, 2007

Visual Studio 2005 Keyboard Shortcuts(KeyBinding) Part II


Edit.CollapseTo-Definitions CTRL+M, O

Edit.ToggleAllOutlining CTRL+M, L

Edit.Toggle-OutliningExpansion CTRL+M, M

Edit.StopOutlining CTRL+M, P

Edit.CommentSelection CTRL+K, C

Edit.Uncomment-Selection CTRL+K, U

Edit.FormatDocument CTRL+K, D

Edit.FormatSelection CTRL+K, F

Edit.InsertSnippet CTRL+K, X

Edit.SurroundWith CTRL+K, S

Edit. Invoke Snippet From Shortcut TAB

Edit.CycleClipboardRing CTRL+SHIFT+V

Edit.Replace CTRL+H

Edit.ReplaceInFiles CTRL+SHIFT+H

View.ShowSmartTag CTRL+. or SHIFT +ALT+F10

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