Saturday, September 15, 2007

Visual Studio 2005 Keyboard Shortcuts(KeyBinding) VII


Edit.FindAllReferences SHIFT+F12 or CTRL+K, R

Edit.GoToBrace CTRL+CTRL + ]

Edit.GoToDefi nition F12

Edit.GoToNextLocation F8

Edit.IncrementalSearch CTRL+I

View.ClassViewGo-ToSearch, Combo CTRL+K,CTRL+V

View.Forward-BrowseContext CTRL+SHIFT+7

View.PopBrowse-Context CTRL+SHIFT+8

View.Navigate-Backward CTRL+MINUS+SIGN (-)

View.Navigate-Forward CTRL+SHIFT+MINUS SIGN (-)

Edit.FindInFiles CTRL +SHIFT + F

Edit.FindSymbol ALT+F12

View.ViewCode F7

View.ViewDesigner SHIFT+F7

Note: Switches to Design to Source (Available only in Source view.)

View.ViewMarkup SHIFT+F7

Note:Switches to Source to Design (Available only in Design view.)

Window.MoveTo-NavigationBar CTRL+F2

Edit.Find CTRL+F

Edit.GoTo CTRL+G

Edit.GoToFindCombo CTRL+/

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