Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Retrieve Content From Web Page - Screen Scraping

To retrieve the HTML code of a URL(this process is know as Screen Scraping), .NET provides WebClient class under System.Net namespace.Here I created a sample method which takes a URL and returns the HTML code.Include System.Net & System.Text namespaces

    private string GetPageContent(string url)
string src = string.Empty;
WebClient client = new WebClient();
UTF8Encoding encoding = new UTF8Encoding();
                      src = encoding.GetString(client.DownloadData(url));
catch (Exception ex)
return src;

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Bijayani said...


I happened to see your post find it quite informative. I would like to share a link where a software engineer has shared a tip on "Screen Scraping in ASP.NET". I am sharing just it for the knowledge purpose.

Here is the link:

Hope you find it useful and of assistance.