Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vizerra- 3D Virtual Models of World Heritage Sites

is a unique software, which allows us to visit all the most beautiful
places in the world!,we can surf the highest quality 3D copies of these sites,
listen to audio guides, read their detailed descriptions provided by reputable
Publishers and Museums, or use a full-functional map service. And all this in
just one application!they give us a chance to travel around the globe right from
your personal computer and for absolutely free of charge.

Vizerra is the first world’s first 3D educational portal which enable its users to
travel to different historic locations Old Town Square, Macchu Picchu and Angkor
Vat directly from your computer. This software is useful for those lazy guys and girls
who are curious but do not want to spend their money on traveling to particular
destination.Besides offering high quality 3D copies of these sites, it also provides audio
guides with detailed description made by reputable publishers and museums.

(Source Vizerra)

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